We are a private third party testing service certified by the Department of State to conduct road skill tests. All our personnel are trained to administer the road tests in a fair, honest and reliable manner.

What to Bring

If You’re Under the Age of 18

  • Level One License from Michigan Secretary of State, issued a minimum of 6 months before the date of the road test
  • Segment Two Certificate
  • Photo ID which can be a school, work, or expired ID
  • Log of hours practiced – at least 50 hours total, including 10 hours at night
  • Parent/guardian with a valid drivers license

If You’re Over the Age of 18

  • Temporary Instruction permit issued by the Michigan Secretary of State, at least 30 days before the test or with a waiver of 30 days written on permit
  • Photo ID which can be a school, work, or expired ID

If You’re Using Your Own Vehicle

  • Bring a valid registration
  • Bring Current Proof of Insurance

Road Test Fee – $65
You Can Use Your Own Car Or Rental Car.
If using own car you will need to provide registration and proof of insurance.